....our hearts beat for briards....

Hi and welcome to our website.

We, Andreas and Carmen both originally from Germany and living                         in the beautiful surroundings of Adelaide/South Australia since 2005, have recently established the kennel CARMANDY BRIARDS.                                       We are aiming to  breed high quality Briards for  the  love and                   enjoyment of these wonderful breed. 

Our dogs are above all family companions and of course live in the house         with us. We have a limited number of dogs and we breed at a low frequency.     Our focus is on maintaining the breed characteristics and not on producing numbers. Puppies are born and raised in the house, with permanent human interactions. It is a great joy to see life renew itself and watch babies develop.

Obviously we are Briard crazy and enjoy everything about the breed since Germany  :)

If you are interested in adopting a puppy please drop us  a line, we would be delighted hearing from you.   aubriards@gmail.com 

Intelligent, lovely, loyal and beautiful 

....the Briard - a heart wrapped in fur  ❤️

Briardly Yours

Andreas &

Thank you for visiting 👍